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Versatile Treatment Options

Obtain a thoughtful, individualized and expertly-crafted plan of care with our physical therapy services. We have a variety of methods and techniques at our facilities to ensure the best possible outcomes and restore your quality of life. Our array of treatment options, education and experience allow us to truly tailor fit your treatment to your specific needs.

Methods and Techniques

  • Manual Therapy- This involves skilled passive movement to a joint often referred to as joint mobilization. Manual treatment also includes soft tissue massage and myofascial release techniques.

  • Mechanical Traction- This involves a machine that systematically places a gentle traction on the back or neck. Traction can provide decompression and aids in numerous conditions.

  • Pain Control Modalities- These modalities are used as supportive treatments to exercise and manual therapy. Our modalities include but are not limited to: ultrasound, electric stimulation, GameReady, iontophoresis, compression, whirlpool, paraffin bath, and hot/cold packs.

  • Therapeutic Exercises- These are specific exercises carefully chosen to provide the strength, stability and flexibility you need to get back to maximum function.

  • Aquatic Therapy- This therapy is useful in treating muscle disorders, arthritis, and chronic pain conditions. Our 5,000 gallon state-of-the-art heated pool is easily accessible with changing rooms and showers in close proximity.

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